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Organizations that help asylum in Canada


If you are looking for organizations that help asylum in Canada, we will provide you in this article a comprehensive answer to the most important of these organizations.

Canada is considered one of the most important countries that receive immigrants and refugees from all over the world.

Civil society plays a major role in assisting and facilitating asylum processes, as well as in assisting refugees once they reach Canada.

Below we will get to know the most important of these organizations with a simple definition of each.

World University Service of Canada

This Canadian organization offers the Refugee Student Program (SRP), which is the only one of its kind that combines resettlement with higher education opportunities.

The program supports more than 130 refugee students per year through active partnerships with more than 95 Canadian universities.

This program has already contributed to the resettlement of more than 2,000 young refugees from 39 countries, to continue their education in safe and supportive environments in Canada.

An important factor in the program’s success is the unique youth-to-youth model of care that enables young Canadian students to play an important role in caring for refugee students.

This organization is considered among the most important organizations that help asylum in Canada.

Its local committees on each campus raise funds and spread awareness of the program.

They also play an important role in providing daily social and academic support to SRP students.

The United Church of Canada

The United Church of Canada is among the organizations that aid asylum.

It is registered in the Refugee Welfare Agreements with the Government of Canada, in order to help support and care for refugees and help them resettle in Canada.

Under the Church Sponsorship Agreement, the United Church works with pastoral congregations to form CG groups to care for refugees.

Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act determines who can apply for refugee protection.

A person must apply from outside Canada and, in short, must not be able to live in their home country due to a well-founded fear of persecution.

Or because of the horrors of civil war or armed conflict, or the continuing denial of basic human rights.

Diocese of Kootenay

Since 2003, Diocese of Kootenay has been a signatory to an agreement (SAH) with the federal government to care for refugees.

The organization’s founding groups have received a large number of refugees from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Liberia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.

The organization also works with a number of other organizations and churches in Canada to facilitate the asylum process and take care of many newcomers.

The organization provides a lot of assistance and training by volunteers.

They train refugees in leadership skills, and the English language.

Also financial aid and many other social activities are provided.