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Registration in the lottery for immigration to Canada 2021


Canada is considered one of the most important countries that receive immigrants every year, and obtaining an immigrant visa is one of the dreams of all those wishing to immigrate.

But in fact, the immigration regulations to Canada differ from some other systems in some countries, which are based on lots.

But there are some famous Canadian immigration systems, which metaphorically might be called a lottery.

In this article, we will learn about the most important and most popular regulations that can help you immigrate to Canada in 2021.

The Express Entry Program in Canada is an online system for managing permanent residency applications for those wishing to immigrate from skilled workers who wish to settle in Canada permanently and participate in building the Canadian economy.

The Express Entry program manages applications from a number of economic immigration programs, namely:

Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Federal Skilled Craftsmen Program.

Canadian Experience Class.

Also, this system is used to help bridge the labor deficit in some provinces.

The Express Entry program is used to select and communicate with skilled and qualified applicants, to facilitate rapid immigration to Canada for those most likely to achieve practical and economic success in Canada.

Express Entry is known to be an efficient and fast system, processing 80% of applications within six months or less.

Entry entry requirements

For those wishing to register in the lottery for immigration to Canada 2021, they must know the basic requirements of the main immigration system.

This system requires registering an online profile.

There are minimum entry requirements for the Express Entry program.

Therefore you will need to complete a questionnaire asking for information about the following:



Language ability

family members


Experience in work

Details of any job offer in Canada.

Accurate provision of answers will help speed up processing of your request and know the best course of action.

If your profile meets the requirements, you will fall into a pool of immigration candidates and may receive an invitation to apply for immigration.

Steps to apply for the Express Entry Program

The following are the steps that you must follow in order to register in the lottery for immigration to Canada 2021 through the express entry system.

Create your own profile

You will first have to create your profile via the official Express Entry website via this link.

The profile should include details about your age, work experience, education, language skills, etc.

You will be awarded points or scores based on these details provided.

If you are eligible by getting the required points, you will be able to submit your profile.

Accreditation of educational certificates

In order to register for the lottery for immigration to Canada 2021 or in the express entry program, academic qualifications must be approved.

If you obtained your academic qualifications from outside Canada, you must provide proof of evaluation and approval of these qualifications, which proves that they are equivalent to their counterparts in the educational system in Canada.

Proof of language proficiency

After that, you will have to prove your proficiency in one of the two official languages ​​of Canada.

The test result submitted must be issued less than two years ago at the time of application.

Calculate your CRS score

If your profile reaches the Express Entry pool, it will be ranked based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

It defines criteria like age, work experience, resilience, etc., your CRS score.

Your profile is included in the Express Entry pool if you have an acceptable CRS score.

Get your invitation to apply (ITA)

If your profile is selected from the Express Entry group, you will receive an ITA invitation from the Canadian government and then you can begin the application process for your permanent residence visa.