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Residence without marriage and without an employment contract in Finland


In Finland, there is a legal relationship between a man and a woman called Avoliito. This relationship is somewhat similar to marriage, but marriage laws do not apply to it.

What is the Avoliito relationship?

Avoliito, or open marriage, is a legalized partnership between a man and a woman, and they live together in the same house as if they were married, but marriage laws do not apply to them. For example:

Cohabiting partners do not have a subsistence obligation towards each other;

Coexisting partners do not inherit each other;

In the event of the death of the man or the woman, the widower cannot benefit from the widow's pension;

The cohabiting partners cannot hold each other's surname;

The termination of the relationship has no legal consequences, such as divorce;

What will the immigrant benefit by entering into this relationship?

An immigrant who is illegally in Finnish territory can use this method to regularize his legal status and benefit from some of the benefits provided by the Avoliito relationship without a marriage contract.

Benefit from social assistance;

Benefit from housing allowance;

Obtaining a residence card in Finland;

The right to work;

When can an immigrant obtain residence in Finland through an Avoliito relationship?

If the foreign partner is able to prove that he has lived with the Finnish partner for two years, he can proceed with the procedures for requesting residence papers.

To prove this, it must provide evidence of coexistence, such as:

Common residential certificate;

Or payment bills for water, electricity and phone registered in their names for the year 2021-2020 and 2019, for example

Or the rental has arrived, registered in their names together;

Or photos and videos documenting different moments during these two years.

Anything that proves that the two partners have lived together for at least two years.