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The new system for immigration to France in 2021 is similar to the Canadian system


During the National Assembly, French Representative Pierre-Henri Dumont proposed the creation of a quota system regarding numbers of beneficiaries of immigration, asylum and integration in France in the Finance Bill for 2021. If this system is approved, it is supposed to facilitate the integration of foreigners in an irregular situation in France According to the French newspaper Le Monde.

According to the same source, French Representative Pierre-Henri Dumont declared that "in order to properly integrate foreigners into a normal situation, we must expel those who have nothing to do there." This quota system aims to give real opportunities to foreigners, in a regular situation on French soil. As for his colleague, Fabien de Filippo (from the Republican Party), he called for his part to set a "legal ceiling for immigration every year that is compatible with our integration capabilities and is voted on by Parliament."

What is the quota system?

The French Court of Accounts called for a deep reform of the professional immigration sector in 2021 in its report on the policy of reception, entry and residence of foreigners in France. The Accounting Council also called for the application of the Canadian model of quotas for professional immigration through “an experiment aimed at organizing professional migration according to quantitative multi-year goals based on qualification levels and the required professional sectors”.

In other words, the immigration quota system is based on the employability required by the type of professional activity. Thus, foreign workers will be able to apply based on their qualifications. This migration will no longer take place at the initiative of the employer. The system recommended by the Accounting Council is based on an individual selection mechanism and the logic of sectors rather than trades, according to the stated needs of the French economy.

The French Minister of Labor, Muriel Benicode, previously confirmed on BFM television that the government is working to define “quantitative targets” on the basis of a list of so-called “short-term” occupations run by the Directorate of Research, Studies and Statistics (Dares). Provided that this list is ready by the end of 2020 and will go into effect in 2021.

According to Le Parisien newspaper, which was aware of a memorandum on the subject, the list of professions required in France will be redefined every year by decree, after consulting with parliamentarians, "without harming the interests of the local workforce."