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Top 5 benefits of obtaining Canadian citizenship


Are you thinking of applying for Canadian citizenship? Here are the five main benefits that you will enjoy after obtaining it:

1. Participation in building the state

Citizenship allows you to fully participate in shaping Canada's future.

First, you get the right to vote, as a Canadian citizen, where you are allowed to vote in the federal elections as well as in regional and municipal elections.

Second, you can run for public office.

Third, you can be called to serve a jury, and this is a way to serve your country and help maintain order and the rule of law.

2. Safety

Feeling safe without thinking about meeting residency requirements or fear of deportation, as Canada cannot deport citizens if they are convicted of a crime.

Once you become a citizen, you also no longer have to renew your citizenship, and there is also no need to renew your PR card.

3. Ease of travel and consular support

The Canadian passport is among the top 10 in the world.

As a Canadian citizen your passport is the key to more than 168 countries without a visa required on arrival.

Canada also has more than 270 diplomatic and consular offices in more than 180 countries around the world, and these offices can easily help you whenever you need it while you are abroad.

4. Providing more work options

As a Canadian citizen, you will be allowed to compete in jobs that require high-level security clearance in addition to federal jobs, as government jobs are among the most stable and well-paying jobs in Canada.

5. Your children will be Canadian

Whether your child was born in Canada or abroad, your children will become Canadian citizens without having to follow all the steps you previously took.

Your children will be the next generation of Canadians who will benefit from the limitless opportunities Canada can offer them.

In addition, you will retain most of the benefits you used to enjoy as a permanent resident, such as free basic health care and public school education, as well as social services such as employment insurance and government student loans.