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Immigration to Canada 2021 "Yukon"


In its endeavor to attract immigrants, the Canadian Yukon Provincial Government announced the International Mobility Program, which is a pilot program for the Yukon Community Pilot (known as YCP).

The Yukon Pilot Program (YCP) is part of the federal regional component of permanent residency and has the potential to award an open work permit to immigrants.

The pilot program is being implemented by the Yukon government since January 2020. It aims to attract immigrants to 6 regions of the Yukon and keep them there by testing innovative approaches in permanent immigration matters.

The beauty of this program is that anyone who managed to obtain a nomination from this province to obtain permanent residency and received from 2 to 3 job offers from more than 3 employers in a participating area in the Yukon region will be eligible to obtain open work linked to a specific location without an evaluation Labor Market Impact (LMIA).

Work areas eligible to bring immigrants to Canada:

There are 6 regions in the Yukon that are eligible under this pilot program to bring in foreign workers:



Dawson City

Haines Junction

Watson Lake


People who want to immigrate to Canada 2020 - 2023 through this program will have to obtain job offers in one of these regions.

If a person gets two or 3 job offers, then they must all be in one area (for example, all of them in Karakos, or Carmax..etc) and it is not necessary that they be with one employer.

Conditions for immigration to Canada 2020 through this pilot program:

Yukon will nominate a foreign national who has received 2-3 part-time job offers from no more than 3 employers to ensure that the foreign national will work 1,560 hours in one year (the annual equivalent of a full-time job).

In the event that the employer is forced to terminate the agreement because he can no longer offer suitable work, Yukon will assist the foreigner in finding a new job so that the foreigner can continue working full-time. During the whole year.

Generally, in order to be eligible for a work permit under this program, you must fulfill the following conditions:

* That the purpose of immigration to Canada is to work in one of the participating regions in the Yukon

* You have 2 to 3 vacancies from no more than 3 employers so that you can accumulate 1560 hours in one year (the annual equivalent of full-time employment) in the same participating Yukon region;

* To apply for full permanent residency under the Yukon Provincial Nomination Program, to pass the R10 verification completeness test, and to have received an acknowledgment letter.

Duration of work permit in the Canadian Yukon:

An employee can issue an open work permit, with a mandatory conditional restriction on the workplace in the participating areas.

And this permit will remain valid for two years from the date of the decision or from the date of acceptance in Canada, or until the date of the expiration of the travel document, whichever occurs first.

If the passport expires before the end of the two-year period, limiting the validity of the initial work permit for the YCP program, the foreign citizen may apply for the remaining two years by submitting an application to extend the work permit after obtaining a new passport.

The applicant must prove that he still meets the eligibility requirements.